Oh my gosh could this picture please be larger? (also, thank you filters.) 

Oh my gosh could this picture please be larger? (also, thank you filters.) 


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and sitting a spell or at least reading this on your phone while you stand in line at the register...I don't know your life. 

I believe in building community with one another. There are many ways to build community...blogging is one of them. This community is about parenting...the highs, the lows, the "oh my gosh what am I doing" moments. But it is also about crafting (fast crafting in particular...why take the extra time when you can make something awesome quickly). And event planning...let's throw some parties! Basically this blog is about my passions and maybe you and I share some things in common. And along the way we will explore ways to contribute meaningfully in this thing we can life. 

So who the heck am I? My name is Johanna.

My no nonsense six word life story is this...

Modeling Mr. Rogers, but with cussing.

The slightly longer story is that I am a wife to a pretty amazing, creative guy and I am the mother to a couple of awesome and hilarious kids.

I haven't always been a SAHM. I am educator with a focus on writing, communication, and marketing...speficially in the nonprofit realm.  I used to be a minister once upon a time (yep, and I still cuss like a sailor...go figure). But now my focus is mainly on my family. 

I am Southern born and spent my childhood learning some good Southern sensibilities. The rest of my life I have been rounding out my raising in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Now that is enough for now (I want you coming back for more)! 

If you are a parent looking for another parent to commiserate/celebrate with, or if you are a craft nut, or like a good party...this may be the place for you. Welcome to the neighborhood and let's talk about life, make some crafts, plan some parties, and share some laughs.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Contact me!