I Could Totally Make That

Have you gone to a boutique or some fun shop and looked around at all the adorable things and thought "I could totally make that"? I do that...like all the time. I always thought it would be fun to have a store called "You Could Do It...But You Won't" and have it filled with the types of crafts, jewelry, art, etc. that you could totally make, but that you won't. (BTW I call dibs on that idea.) But alas, most of the time I don't make whatever it is and I just buy it or I go without. 

I have seen these precious little tissue tassle things all over and I while they aren't expensive they are enough that I thought I could make them for next to nothing and for little effort. And can I just say that these sort of things just make life fun? You may think, "why take the time?" Why not take the time?! You can churn these babies out quickly. 

Party Tip: 

Banners and pendants instantly make for festive decor. 

Tiny Tissue Paper Tassels

Tiny Tissue Paper Tassels

So I pulled out the tissue paper and some string and got to work for Making it Monday

First you need your supplies...

  • Tissue Paper-Any tissue paper you want. Metallic would be so lovely, perhaps a pattern...seriously any paper you choose is just dandy. 
  • Scissors-You already know about my lovely scissors (well, if you read I'm Your Puppet). But any ol' scissors will do!
  • Baker's Twine, Ribbon, Yarn-The sky is the limit. I used all three. I am extravagant. . 
  • Washi Tape (optional)-I would have totally used this for today's project, but wouldn't you know it I can't find one stinking roll in my house. #mykidsstealmystuff

SUpplies (Give or Take)

SUpplies (Give or Take)

Step One

Collect all your supplies.


Step 2

Fold your tissue paper.

You can use a full sheet of tissue paper or even little scraps...the idea is the same. Fold the tissue in half over and over again. Once you get the paper to a small size fold it in half (the other way). Then cut the tissue into long skinny fringes and then twist the top of the tassel.

Step 3

Twist and stop. Twist and tape. Twist and tie. 

You can do this step several ways.

  • You can twist the top and leave it. If the tassels are small enough they should just stay just fine. (The larger tassels need a little more support.)
  • You can wrap the "neck" of the tassel with washi tape. I would demonstrate it, but we have already discussed the great washi heist of 2017. You can probably guess how to do it.
  • Lastly, you can tie baker's twine, ribbon, or yarn around the top. You can just do a simple tie or wrap the top of the tassel. 

Step 4

Hang it up!

Now just string the tassels with the twine, ribbon, or yarn. I like to tie the tassels on the string so they stay where I want them...I am controlling that way. So little tassels or big tassels...decorate as you like! 

Unsatisfied Customer

Unsatisfied Customer

Unfortunately, these adorable little tassels don't make everyone happy. Look at this sourpuss! She wanted a pink tassel NOT this silly purple one. I hope you have more success!