We're One!


A year ago I started Posing as Parents. I have always had a family blog with my husband, but this was meant to be something a little different. This blog was a new project...personal, yes, but also more of a space for others as well.

In the last year, I have learned some things. I wish I would have blogged more regularly. I wish I would have used social media more for Posing as Parents. And I wish I wouldn't let this be one of the first things I neglect when life gets too busy. I love it here...I love it because of you. I started this blog to help create a sense of community. 

I have said it a million times...in a world that we are literally connected 24 hours a day, there is so much disconnect. Perhaps ironic that this a blog, but I can't invite you all over to sit for a spell. But YOU can invite others to be a part of your community. 

Why would you want to do that? You are busy, you don't have time for other people...people you don't know. That sounds like the worst. Can't someone else cultivate some community?


We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.
— Mr. Fred Rogers

It all starts with us. Every one of us. We are in this together. In the immortal words of Eminem, "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime." This is it kids. This is our time here and now, make the most of it and don't you want it better than you found it? Not worse?

I talk about community and ways to create community over and over again because I truly believe it is our salvation. If you feel responsible for your neighbor you will find ways to feed them, clothe them, educate them, keep them safe, and love them. 

We have also talked about parties here on the blog. While they may not save the world, they sure can make people feel happy and valued and that is a step in the right direction. So here is a Quick Tip on how to throw a party. 

5 Tips to Throwing a Quick Party

  1. Get some flowers. Flowers (or some type of greenery) makes it feel festive and steps it up a notch. 
  2. Get out something fancy. Whether it is a cake stand, real china, a teapot, whatever...at least have one "real" dish out. Yes, paper plates can be a lifesaver with a crowd, but have at least one piece that classes up the gathering.
  3. Get your treat on. Buy a cake, make some cookies, or even something savory. Who says you can't celebrate with fried chicken or a beautiful salad. Pick something special and unique to the person/thing you are celebrating. 
  4. Get up a decoration or two. Paper Chains, Paper Tassels, or Pendants...it makes no difference what it is. Just hang something up to show that the space is different and that you are ready to celebrate.
  5. Get your stress out. The number one thing in having a party is having fun. Don't worry about it not being perfect. It totally won't be perfect and that is okay. It is about loving the ones that you are with. Enjoy the party and the time with people you like (or maybe love). 

I will leave you with another Mr. Rogers quote. Really because I love him so much.  Mr Rogers and my Nana are who I strive to be every day. But I think this encapsulates what I hope to do here at Posing as Parents and in the world. Maybe this will speak to you too.

As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has—or ever will have—something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.
— Mr. Fred Rogers

Thanks for doing our human job with me. I hope that we can do even more for this next year. Thanks for being here and I will see you soon! 

It Goes So Fast

This is such a crazy busy season. I have been busy with all sorts of personal projects. Our family went away and spent a weekend with some dear friends. We are all getting ready for the holiday.

PLUS our baby turned 5!

Little Miss has been 5 for a week and a half now and I am still in shock. We have three new babies in our family/life and in my head, she is still new baby too. Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital? 


This year we gave Little Miss a new "realistic" doll...the main reason she got the doll is because she was begging to get her old baby clothes out to dress her dolls. Well, two things...I didn't want to go in the attic to get the clothes and none of her dolls fit the real baby clothes.  So now she has a doll  that fits the clothes from the attic that I finally got out. As I got her gifts spread set out the night before her birthday I remember doing the same thing for her five years before that...this time instead of dressing my baby, she was dressing HER baby. I thought about the time we will be getting ready for her own babies...the ones I don't buy at the store. 

It all goes so fast.

Each stage has its own challenges and its own rewards, but the thing that stays the same is that it happens in a blink of an eye.

Our children teach us far more than we teach them. And I feel this birthday our daughter taught me a few lessons that MAY be helpful for you doing this busy season. 

Five Lessons From a Five Year Old


Celebrate the way you want. This chick wanted a ninja birthday party...even though she had planned a different party for months. If ninjas were going to make her happy then by all means, let's have a ninja party. Life is short...celebrate. 

Chuck E Cheese.jpg

Do what brings you joy. Little Miss had NEVER been to Chuck E Cheese and for her family birthday gathering she really wanted to go. It doesn't bring me joy, but it did her so that is what we did. The look of excited on her face didn't disappoint. You do you and what makes you happy!


Live in the Moment. This is a person who knows how to live in the moment. She isn't hung up on the past or the future. She lives for right this second. We should all be so lucky. 



Love Hard. Little Miss loves hard. She loves life hard. She loves people hard. She loves EVERYTHING with every ounce of her being. Loving hard can take a lot, but it is worth it. 


Be a Badass. I mean, she didn't say it.  But  I will. She is a tough chick. She makes me want to be a bad ass too. You are awesome...show it. You teach other people how to treat you. Teach them you are a badass. 

Life is short and it goes by so fast...I hope you are enjoying the ride. See you soon!



Calgon Take Me Away

This weekend was the 9th anniversary of the idea of Posing as Parents...aka my son's 9th birthday. Yep, 9 years ago I gave birth to a giant baby boy (seriously 10lbs 12oz and 23 inches long...a GIANT) and the hospital let us take him home unsupervised. My husband and I were in shock as we embarked on parenthood and we have been making it up as we went along ever since. We are Posing as Parents. 

My handsome birthday boy!

My handsome birthday boy!

We had over 60 people at our house for our son's Nerf party. It was bananas, but also freaking awesome. We will be finding Nerf darts for months. I would say that my husband and I definitely walked away (or crawled away) with some great ideas for next year and some clear direction on what we would do differently. That is what my husband and I do...we do a play by play of events/situations/conversations/life and talk about what we would change/improve upon/next steps. It's our thing. 

Well, on Saturday night I went to bed at 2 am because I waited to clean until the boys were settled. The boys were awake a little before 5 am! I remember hearing them and asking my husband what that noise possibly could be. Turns out it was a bunch of boys playing! All day Sunday I felt like I had a hangover, but instead of drinking too much it was a "sleepover hangover." One of the first things I wanted to do was to take a bath. It's my thing.

I LOVE baths! I take them daily (sometimes/usually twice a day). They make me relaxed and give me so much joy. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. I may secretly be a mermaid. I have ALWAYS loved baths. When I was little I would take bubble baths...with Mr. Bubble. Oh my gosh, I loved Mr. Bubble so much. Well, until that fateful day my dad said to 5 or 6 year old me, "You can't take a bath every day with Mr. Bubble, it is bad for your vagina." Barf. Thanks dad...that scarred me forever. And alas I find myself saying the same thing to my own daughter about various bubbles and bath products. Circle of damn life. 

I still love you!

I still love you!

So what can you take a relaxing bath with daily? There are a ton of natural products out there. You could do Lush products...they are the best, but they aren't cheap (and yes you can make your own and we can do that together some day). But for this Make it Monday we are going to make a relaxing bath...the cheap, easy, and environmentally friendly way.

First you need your supplies...

  • Baking Soda
  • Essential Oils
  • Candles/Book/Music

Step 1

Run your bath. For me, the hotter the better, but you do what you like. If you have medical issues or if you are pregnant...talk to your doctor about your options.   

Step 1: It SAYS hundreds of uses!

Step 1: It SAYS hundreds of uses!

Step 2

My favorite thing to add is baking soda. Epsom salt baths are great too, but I don't always have epsom salt at my house...I do have baking soda. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, can leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean. Baking soda dissolves easily in your bath. I never thought of using baking soda until my daughter had a really horrible stomach flu one time and a nurse suggested giving my girl a bath with baking soda. Apparently, the baking soda is good for diaper rash, itchy skin, sunburns, and other skin conditions. Who knew? Well, I used it on my kid and then quickly starting using it on myself and I haven't turned back. Seriously that baking soda can be used for a ton of different things. Just Google it! For my bath I add about 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda. 

Step 3: Getting your lavender on!

Step 3: Getting your lavender on!

Step 3

This step I don't do every night, but I do use it several times a week. I add essential oil to my bath...just a few drops.

I want to address essential oils a little bit here, because I know we will talk about them in the future. I have a lot of friends who sell essential oils. I do not. I really like them, but I also don't feel like they are the answer to all that ails you. I do think they are a great tool that everyone should use. I like to diffuse oils, mix them with carrier oils and apply them topically, put a few drops in my tubs, or I use them for cleaning. I don't believe in ingesting them. You might. There is a ton of literature out there now about essential oils. Check it out.

I have three oils that I use a mist diffuser for often...I use lemon, lavender, and peppermint.  Most of time I get my oils at a local store and the brand I choose is Aura Cacia. It is fairly inexpensive and I trust its quality. One time I bought some on Amazon that had questionable quality...they smelled horrible and gave me a rash (BTW Amazon totally made the situation right). You may have friends that sell doTerra or Young Living. Both are great brands and I will buy their products when I can, but for general use I just run to the store and get the Aura Cacia. 

For my bath I nearly always stick to a few drops of lavender. I mainly do it for the aromatherapy aspect, but it may have medical properties as well. 

Step 4

Perhaps dim the lights, light a candle, and maybe grab a book or turn on some music and hop on in. Some days I try to lock the kids out of the bathroom so I can have a few minutes to myself, but typically that means they just bang on the door and make me more mad and stressed. Do what you can do for some self care...even if it is just taking a stinking (but delicious smelling) bath!

Hop in the tub tonight and have a great Monday!