Captain's Log

Captain's Log, supplemental. We are into our third week of a sickness that started with the littlest human in the family unit and then sickness spread to the rest of the colony. The littlest human's spirit and energy level never seemed to be deterred by the virus she was battling (and spreading). As Captain, I have been affected by the sickness and I am also worried about my mental health...the days have seemed to last forever. I see no end in sight.


I started to write this post three weeks ago when Little Miss first got sick...and then I got sick. I started getting the cold/flu on my birthday...what a bummer. And then I got very sick and of course my husband was away for work. I basically had to have the children raise themselves. Below is documentation of that stage of the illness. 

Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.
— Jean-Luc Picard

There have been so many things that have happened in the last three weeks while we have been down with this sickness...

  • St Patty's Day
  • My anniversary with my hubby.
  • My birthday.
  • My first NBA game.
  • I started teaching again.
  • Lost and found the hamster in the house.  
  • Spring Break for both kiddos. 
  • Staycation time with hubby. 
  • Baseball started. 
  • March for Our Lives.
  • Out of town guests.
  • A ton of yard work...mulch and rock for days.
  • Easter
  • A million news headlines that make me want to rip out my hair. 

Oh, and Stephen Hawking died. Interesting note...Stephen Hawking is the only person to play himself on Star Trek. Oh yep, I am totally a Trekkie. 

Stephen Hawking was a crazy smart man who was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. He suffered from ALS. And one of my favorite quotes from him has nothing to do with physics or the cosmos, but about life.

Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.
— Stephen Hawking

Goodness...ain't that the truth? I have been in a time warp the last three weeks because the family has been sick and life marched on. Life doesn't stop for keeps going. Life is hard and yet it is beautiful, life is unexpected and sometimes heartbreaking...through the good and the is funny. We have to find the humor in the day to day or this existence can be just crushing. 

I hope you find the funny today...even when your family is sick and everything goes to pot. 

Until next long and prosper...and laugh your ass off. 

Want to feel good about yourself?

Through the years

Through the years

Today I am introducing a new segment called Flashback Friday Foibles. I don't know about you, but sometimes when I hear something humiliating, embarrassing, or all around horrible happening to someone I feel better about myself. It is wrong, but true. Well, Flashback Friday Foibles is just for you to feel good about yourself, to make you thankful you aren't me, or to make you laugh. 

We moved to our neighborhood when our son was a toddler. We are incredibly lucky, we knew zero about the neighborhood or the schools. Now we have close friends in the hood who have become our family. And our preschool and elementary school have been amazing. But even with that greatness, I can still completely mess up everything. 

For example, since my son has attended elementary school I have done the following:

  • I have walked into school with my child with my skirt tucked into my tights. Yep, you read that right. I think my son was in 1st grade. I confidently walked my son into school and dropped him off and as I was walking back to the car some grandmother kindly pointed out what had happened. No one else did. I don't really blame them. Maybe they didn't notice my ass just out there or maybe the embarrassment for both of us would be too great. Not my proudest moment. And I guess I was holding my daughter because she would have been a baby, but I have no memory of her during this event. I really just have tried to block the whole thing from my mind.
  • One time my son ran in the jog-a-thon at school and won a medal and some prizes. He lost the package prizes and was so upset. I talked to teachers, the volunteer coordinator, everyone I could think of who may know. It was POURING rain! (I hate getting my hair wet in public because my curly hair immediately turns into Weird Al.) Anyways, I was retracing my steps to see if he lost the package on the way from the school to car. Nothing. So I head back to the car...the school is a little bit on a hill and the car was on the street below. I slipped and slid about 4-5 feet in the mud. I was covered in mud and got back in to the car, where my child found the package. Inside the package was a coupon for free fro-yo and one for a Subway sandwich. I would have bought him the damn yogurt and foot long! (As I found this image my daughter asked me what was wrong with my eyebrows. I had to explain to her I was so drenched my eyebrows were full of washed off makeup and raindrops. So freaking wet.)
Mother in the rain

Mother in the rain

  • Another time I was helping in the classroom with a cooking project. I was stirring this bowl so hard it fell on the floor, I went to pick it up and knocked over some poor kid's desk and all the contents spilled out of it. All eyes on me! Geez!
  • I have accidentally kept my child home on the wrong day. There were school conferences during school. I thought there was no school since there were conferences. So I got childcare and I headed to school to meet my husband to talk to my son's teacher. When I walked up to the school I saw all these children on the playground playing and my heart sank. Yep, there was school I just kept him home because I had zero idea.
  • On the flip side I have tried to drop my child off on a day that the school was closed. We all got ready and I pulled up to the empty drop off line. Yep, you guessed school. 

So why tell you these things for our first Flashback Friday Foibles? Because I think all of us do stuff that we are like "What in the hell am I doing?" or "What in the hell did I just do?" I feel like that all the time. This weekend I turn 42 and I am still doing dumbass stuff constantly. I keep wondering when I am going to get my ish together. I think the answer is never. I guess there may be people who have it together, but just like the this blog I feel like we are all "posing" in one way or another. 

Life is hard and awkward and uncomfortable and beautiful and horrible and sad and funny. Life is funny. You have to find the funny. I mean, I already laugh totally inappropriately, but you HAVE to laugh. What is the alternative? So if things aren't turning out the way you want have to try to find the funny.

For my birthday weekend please do me this it your gift to me...find the funny...

  • Share the joy- What cracks you up? Share it! Do you have a favorite movie, joke, story, or do you like to read funny tweets, or watch funny YouTube videos? One thing that will ALWAYS make me laugh is America's Funniest is so embarrassing, but true. That clip could be 25 years old and I will still be laughing so hard until I cry. So find what makes you laugh and share it with someone...maybe they will think it is funny too. 
  • Kids say the darnedest things-Watch your kids. My kids are hella funny. Now I did pray super hard for them to be funny (I mean, healthy too, but really funny). God shall provide. Those kids are the funniest people I know. So listen to your kids and laugh with them. We get so hung up in being parents, being right, being in charge, etc. we don't always have fun with our kids. Tell them they are funny and find out what makes them laugh. 
  • Include your comedy partner-My husband and I laugh together all the time. When I was recently in the hospital the staff would talk about how we were always laughing. What the hell are we supposed to do? Life is scary and hard, remember? We would just try to find the humor in the situation. Also, the secret to our success...Buddy Cop Movies. (I thought we made up that genre name, turns out we didn't.) But those always crack us up. And this weekend we are also celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary so I think we are really on to something. 
  • Laugh at yourself-I could have made all those really embarrassing things that I shared with you today a total shit show, but what good would that do? Even the skirt in the tights bit...I found the humor, I owned it, and I shared it...I shared it on social media even. If we can just be real with one another think about how much better the world can be. You do goofy stuff...laugh about is okay.
  • Be kind-If you see someone who is having a humorous/humiliating moment and realize they may not see the funny the way you do, see if you can help them in any way, and be kind. Totally laugh about it later, but be a good neighbor at the moment. Since I laugh inappropriately (I seriously cannot help it) this one is one of the hardest ones for me. My kid's even say I laugh at them when they get hurt and it makes them sad...I know, it is so sad! I mean, falling is so funny to me...that is a hard one when you have kids...they fall a lot. So this is one I REALLY have to work on. But in general let's all be kind. And funny. 

Have a great weekend! I hope you laugh your ass will make you feel good about yourself.