A Parenting Mess

Do you ever feel like you are just a parenting mess? You get stuff wrong? You drop the ball? You mess up?


I, for reals, feel like that ALL the time. 

I can't find the invite to one of my dear friend's events. I forgot to show up for my volunteer shift helping needy kids (I know, I know...it is horrible). I didn't send slippers and a stuffed animal for my kid's special day at school. 

I screw up. A LOT. But it is okay. I am mostly cool with it. 

I also rock it and do stuff like Halloween themed food, including Jello brains. 


I am pretty sure I faked having it all together for our foreign exchange student when he was here. I wanted to rep the USA well. 


Life is not all Fakebook and the perfect Insta pic. 

I see the updates and pictures and I sometimes feel less than. And I read the updates and responses and the articles about how we all feel like we can't keep up. Let's just agree we don't have to. 

 I actually love looking at beautiful pictures on all my social media accounts. But I also know that there is more to the story...there is a another shot that isn't as great, that isn't as perfect. 

Before our foreign exchange student came to stay with us we set up some family rules.

1. No family naked time.

2. No bad words.

3. No yelling. 

Let's be honest most of these rules were directed at me. And I broke two of them. 

When I yelled. I asked our guest if his parents yelled and he said they didn't do it in front of other people, but they yelled at home a lot. Man, that makes you feel good, right?

I LOVE that they yell at each other.

Yes, we should all try to speak kinder words to each other, but seriously it makes me feel good that I am not alone. We aren't alone. And we are doing the best we can.

You can't craft every holiday? 

You picked up take out for your family instead of making a whole foods dinner? 

You gave your kids your phone so you could have a few minutes of peace and quiet?

None of it matters. We aren't in a competition. There is no score card. 


We are all winners, baby.

Embrace being a parenting mess...there is beauty in the mess. 

See you soon...BTW you are doing great.