So there was no Fall Craft on Tuesday. I just couldn't. 

Monday morning we woke up to the news that 58 people were dead and 489 more were injured in a shooting in Las Vegas. 

Later in the day we found out that our beloved Tom Petty died. 

A Fall Craft seemed trite after all of that. 

Monday morning my son woke up to the radio that told the story of what happened in Las Vegas. My nine year old then gave me the details. I just cried. I cried because over 500 peoples lives will never be the same. I cried because I can't protect my son from knowing about the evils of the world. I cried because this is not okay. 

What kind of world is this? We are numb to the stories. It seems like each mass shooting is the "worst in US history"...the keep happening and they keep getting worse. Well, I guess that is a matter of opinion. It was pretty freaking horrible when children were gunned down at school. But nothing has changed...people worked for change and congress did nothing. 

Look, it doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican...or neither. It doesn't matter if you are a gun owner or not. I really feel like we should all agree that is not okay and something has to change. 

I have struggled this week trying to find the good because I am mad. I am mad that our government is beyond messed up. I am mad that we are so divisive as a country. I am mad that more and more people have to bury their loved ones because of something so senseless. 

And the truth is, I am mad because I have to ask my children questions like "what do you do if there is an active shooter." And I am devastated that they both said the right answer. You run. 

This is not okay. This is not normal.

And I can mark things with the angry or the sad icon on Facebook, but that changes zero. 

I don't know what makes someone (mainly white men) want to take down as many people as they can before they end their own life. I don't know what would change their minds so this shit doesn't happen over and over and over. 

All I know to do is I have to take action...the most immediate change I can do is the following:

  • Work to make sure my state has good gun laws. I don't want to take away your guns...we are a family of hunters. But it makes sense that we have good gun laws. 
  • Work to elect people who don't cater to the gun lobbies. Period...I don't want the NRA directing our politicians...we didn't vote for them to run our country. 
  • Work to create sounds silly, but  you may not shoot your neighbor, the people in your community, etc if you are connected to those people. 
  • Work to do more good. I can't control the bad in this world. I can't change the fact that my babies know what to do if there is a gun event. What I can control is the good things I expose them to. This world is scary and can be dark. Be the light. Your kids need that from you. 

If you will notice, this all requires us to work. I know we are all busy and tired, but it is important. This is all we have...this one life so we have to do what is right, we have to do what we can to make this place better, and we have to love. 

Speaking of love, I haven't even been able to talk about Tom Petty yet. He was the music of my youth...every stage of my life. He was there when I was a baby, through my parents divorce, through high school, through my indecisive twenties and thirties, he was always singing the song track for my life.  It is one thing my dad and I share...our love for Tom Petty. His songs play through my mind all the time. I will always love him. 

Well, hopefully next week won't be such a bummer and we can do something fun together. Enjoy your Fall weekend. Love your people...and your neighbor. 

Cool it Now

Holy hell it is hot lately and this summer's forecast is set to be filled with record breaking highs. It certainly doesn't help that my internal thermometer is out of whack...that is a story for another day. Regardless it is hot.

It's how hot?

It's how hot?

I have been in Oregon a long time and it use be that it didn't really matter if you had air conditioning or not. It only got hot a few times a year. That is no longer the case.

We don't have air conditioning in our home. We usually put a window unit in our room and we have a downstairs that stays cool, but it is definitely something that is on the "to do" list.  

In the meantime we will take direction from New Edition and "Cool it Now." (I loved this song so much when I was my son's age.)

What are some ways you chill when the weather gets hot?

Here are some ways we cool down...other than black out curtains, ceiling fans, etc. 

  • Eat cool food-Put away that beef stroganoff, mom. Seriously my mom likes to make hot food on hot has become a running joke in the family. But have a salad, cool spring rolls, lettuce tacos, smoothie, etc. Or have a snow cone or ice cream if that is more your style. 
  • Make a splash-Get in that water! Go to the pool, the river, or break out the kiddie pool. Or Super Soakers anyone?  Or you can do what my Mema did, which works so well it is disturbing, she always had a cool, damp washcloth on her neck. That is right, I am turning into my grandma!
  • The entertainer-You may or may not have air conditioning, but other places definitely do and you can go enjoy them...bowling alleys, movie theaters, the mall, restaurants, etc.
  • A change of scenery-Go to the river, the beach, the mountain, go wherever you can in your area. Any caves to explore? Is there a forest to look around? Move around to find a cooler place. 

Okay, trying to cool it now. I also accidentally fell down a rabbit's hole diving deep in on New Edition research...onto Bobby Brown next. 

See you Thursday!



Leaving on a Jet Plane

It is almost time for our Disneyland trip. We live in the Pacific Northwest and I told you how it has rained here for months. So one of the things we are most excited about is the sun. But of course the sun is shining in Portland as I type this. I have a dear friend that secretly/not so secretly likes for the people at home to have crummy weather when she is vacationing makes the trip sweeter. Turns out I may share her sentiment. 

Currently I have a mountain of laundry to sort through so I can start packing. I wish I was lying about the giant pile of laundry. I am really good at washing laundry, but seriously hate everything after that. I don't mind folding,  but I REALLY despise putting laundry away. It is a problem, thus the mountain of laundry.

Well, here we are and we need to pack! This is how my daughter packs...tights, panties, a rain jacket, and an adult book called "Breathing Lessons" by Anne Tyler. (My mother-in-law left the book at our house and Little Miss is OBSESSED with this book. It cracks me up.) She is packing up for a good time. 

All packed up!

All packed up!

For our Make it Monday we packing up our bags to get ready to go on a jet plane. 

First you need your supplies...

  • Packing Lists
  • Suitcases
  • A Great Attitude


Step 1: The Sharpie and the cardstock list.

Step 1: The Sharpie and the cardstock list.

Step 1

When I pack, I need a list! I typically research lists for a while and then I get out my handy dandy cardstock and Sharpie. Lists help you keep organized and on task. I can be an over-packer. Here are a few lists that may be a good fit for you and your needs.  

  • This is a great packing list. This packing list is created by Nikki Kinzer, she is a friend, and she had been a  home organizer and now the focus of her business deals with ADHD.
  • This one you can personalize for you and your needs. Travels Checklist site has a list wizard. It is a little dated looking, but really cool.
  • And lastly here is a site that has a variety of lists. This website is call Travel Mamas One part even has a list that is for kids to use. 
Step 2: Ready to roll.

Step 2: Ready to roll.

Step 2

Our kids got these awesome suitcases from my mom before they went to Arkansas a couple of years ago. They are the best. One was from Amazon and one was from Kohls and they weren't crazy expensive, but they were much more than those cheapo ones you see at all the stores. Those suck and while they are cheap they aren't worth your money, because they are not durable. So splurge and get a better quality.

Our kids use their suitcases all the time...sleepovers, road trips, etc. A couple of things...I let the kids pack  the suitcase themselves and then I go back and finish up. It is good for them to do it themselves even if it isn't perfect. And also, the kids are responsible for lugging their own suitcases when the two take them places. I can't deal with ALL the suitcases!

Step 3: Our first theme park. Gosh, he is adorable. 

Step 3: Our first theme park. Gosh, he is adorable. 

Step 3

This seems like a obvious and lame step, but it is really important... that you pack a great attitude for your trip. Your attitude can help steer the ship...for better or for worse. I get bogged down in the planning of an event that I don't always enjoy the entire process. So if you change your mindset perhaps you go into the trip a lot more positive.

Well, the rest of the week we will be in Disneyland and I will be posting, but it won't be my lengthy posts (probably). I will let you know how the happiest place on earth is in a couple of days!