So there was no Fall Craft on Tuesday. I just couldn't. 

Monday morning we woke up to the news that 58 people were dead and 489 more were injured in a shooting in Las Vegas. 

Later in the day we found out that our beloved Tom Petty died. 

A Fall Craft seemed trite after all of that. 

Monday morning my son woke up to the radio that told the story of what happened in Las Vegas. My nine year old then gave me the details. I just cried. I cried because over 500 peoples lives will never be the same. I cried because I can't protect my son from knowing about the evils of the world. I cried because this is not okay. 

What kind of world is this? We are numb to the stories. It seems like each mass shooting is the "worst in US history"...the keep happening and they keep getting worse. Well, I guess that is a matter of opinion. It was pretty freaking horrible when children were gunned down at school. But nothing has changed...people worked for change and congress did nothing. 

Look, it doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican...or neither. It doesn't matter if you are a gun owner or not. I really feel like we should all agree that is not okay and something has to change. 

I have struggled this week trying to find the good because I am mad. I am mad that our government is beyond messed up. I am mad that we are so divisive as a country. I am mad that more and more people have to bury their loved ones because of something so senseless. 

And the truth is, I am mad because I have to ask my children questions like "what do you do if there is an active shooter." And I am devastated that they both said the right answer. You run. 

This is not okay. This is not normal.

And I can mark things with the angry or the sad icon on Facebook, but that changes zero. 

I don't know what makes someone (mainly white men) want to take down as many people as they can before they end their own life. I don't know what would change their minds so this shit doesn't happen over and over and over. 

All I know to do is I have to take action...the most immediate change I can do is the following:

  • Work to make sure my state has good gun laws. I don't want to take away your guns...we are a family of hunters. But it makes sense that we have good gun laws. 
  • Work to elect people who don't cater to the gun lobbies. Period...I don't want the NRA directing our politicians...we didn't vote for them to run our country. 
  • Work to create sounds silly, but  you may not shoot your neighbor, the people in your community, etc if you are connected to those people. 
  • Work to do more good. I can't control the bad in this world. I can't change the fact that my babies know what to do if there is a gun event. What I can control is the good things I expose them to. This world is scary and can be dark. Be the light. Your kids need that from you. 

If you will notice, this all requires us to work. I know we are all busy and tired, but it is important. This is all we have...this one life so we have to do what is right, we have to do what we can to make this place better, and we have to love. 

Speaking of love, I haven't even been able to talk about Tom Petty yet. He was the music of my youth...every stage of my life. He was there when I was a baby, through my parents divorce, through high school, through my indecisive twenties and thirties, he was always singing the song track for my life.  It is one thing my dad and I share...our love for Tom Petty. His songs play through my mind all the time. I will always love him. 

Well, hopefully next week won't be such a bummer and we can do something fun together. Enjoy your Fall weekend. Love your people...and your neighbor. 

It's a Small World


The title is a little misleading, because as I type this we have yet to go to the It's a Small World ride. Not because we haven't tried, but it just hasn't worked out yet during our first two days at Disneyland. BUT it does speak to how small this world really is. 

The first day of our trip was a little overwhelming. Kids were overwhelmed and so were we. And hot, we were hot. The amount I sweated the first full day in Anaheim was ridiculous and disgusting and embarrassing. But the second day we figured it out a lot more. There were still hiccups along the way. 

Our daughter had an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. If you don't know what that is it is a place that does a princess makeover for your little girl (there is also a boy makeover option).

It is not super expensive and it truly is magical. Plus your child gets to keep all sorts of goodies and a little bag. The price includes a hairstyle (and that could even mean some fake hair and a metal tiara), a shimmering makeup pallette, a princess sash and cinch bag, a face gem (and you get to keep the whole sheet), nail polish (and you get to keep the entire bottle), and a little bottle of shampoo and a makeup remover towelette. I mean they treat the little princess like princesses. It was so sweet to watch and our daughter was really into it. 

So, we had an appointment and it turns out we had to wait an hour to even get in. They were having some problems with some of the guests and it was just super busy. Everyone was so sweet and the wait wasn't horrible. And for our trouble they gave us a fast pass to use on anything. It seriously was a wonderful, wonderful experience and I am super glad we did it. 

We left the appointment set to meet the boys and to use our new pass on a Star Wars ride because it was May 4th (May the 4th be with you). We got out of the ride and all of us felt a little sick. And the kids spent their spending money on some Star Wars paraphernalia in the gift shop...a double lightsaber and a R2D2.  We got back to our stroller and realized that someone had stolen our bags...they were cheap shopping bags filled with snacks, but still we were bummed. My husband and I had been talking about how we were going to tell Disney about the theft. We didn't think it was their fault, but we want them to know their was a thief among them. 

We were strolling along (pun not intended, but appreciated) and this woman came up and said we had her stroller.  She had frantically been working with Disney security for over an hour trying to find it. Well, we were skeptical at first, but turns out I WAS THE THIEF. I totally stole her stroller and ours (with the food) was safe and sound. We tried to give her something for her troubles, but she wouldn't take anything. She went on her way. The fact she found us and was able to determine which was her stroller out of a sea of is nuts. 

Well, we just had to make it right, we felt horrible especially since we were just lamenting how bad it was when we thought someone stole from us. So we knew what ride the lady was trying to ride. We went over and found her and gave her an iTunes gift card my husband had in his wallet...well, really to her little girl because she refused to take it. I was a total thief and I had to try to make amends.

We went on our way and were outside of the It's a Small World ride, which was closed. My husband made a trip to the restroom and when he came back I asked where our daughter's newly purchased R2D2 was. He didn't have it. We were dumbfounded. We decided to retrace our steps. We couldn't find it any where. We thought it may be at the place we last saw the lady we stole from. It wasn't and I was getting sad. Well, my husband checked over where I had stolen the stroller and where our stroller was during all the confusion. For some unknown reason, the bag with this brand new toy was still in there. What are the odds of all this craziness? And we saw the lady AGAIN and told her what happened now. I told her we are hot messes and I wasn't even even a little.

The return of the R2D2.

The return of the R2D2.

After all of this drama, my son wanted to go back to the hotel. My husband said this was a life lesson that when things go wrong we can go home, give up, and not risk anything or we can try to turn things around and kick booty. We decided to stay and end on a high note...the Mad Hatter Tea Party (aka The Teacups). Also, I think the take away is that people are mostly good and it is a small world after all. Oh, and if you are looking for someone to blame for your problems...look at yourself first.

Now if you will excuse me I am STILL dizzy from today...I have to go. See you Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Best souvenir on May 4th.

Best souvenir on May 4th.